Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bend it girl Grows up!

Sorry, but just could not miss it. Had to share with u all.. Our fav Bend it girl Parminder Nagra

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

KYA KAHEN KYA NA KAHEN/slipp of tongue

In this series, I would be presenting the 'unheard' comments of celebrities

Ash nahin toh 'aish' sahi

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Full house

Happened to remember my old England days. so thought to share with you. I went there for my postgrad. Survived the One whole year of academics, loneliness, cold and cultural curry! yeah. More of it will come later, let me first introduce you to the 6 housemates suffering each other mutually:

Name: Catherine*
Nationality: French
Peculiar characteristic: typical French blonde dumbhead; often found strolling around hallways in panties
sleeping with random guys on drunk weekends, trying to speak seductive english
Whackaoo moment:
kissing an Irish boy at a bar - because that was the 'first time she kissed ze foreigner' (sic)

Name: Jonathan*
Nationality: British
Peculiar Characteristic: semi-bald totally cad Law major with the black granny umbrella! A boastful Junior Under Officer of the Army corps whose face fell flat when I told him I was the SENIOR Under Officer in the Air Force corps
Attending bonfire parties/barbecues wearing kilts ( skirts for men without underwear)
moment: His equally cad girlfriend moving into our house at the start of new term

Name: Junaida*
Nationality: French
Peculiar Characteristic: the Alg french girl with maggi noodles hair, came to England to seek the man of her dreams! a cleanliness freak who ironically left the toilet in an incomplete mess every time prompting me to put up a big poster 'in there' - Please flush the toilet COMPLETELY. Did not drink for religion.
dressing up seductively and going on regular dates with irregular men. Humbug! she finished my expensive body shampoo in 2 days!
Whackaoo moment: Finding the Mr Right in a mixed race supermarket security guard rumored to be a drug dealer who disappeared for 5 months leaving the damsel waiting.... finally came back. I never dared to ask what was it all about.

Name: Joshua*
Peculiar Characteristic: the rolly-polly Redhead army lieutenant - A Sandhurst graduate
Attending military trainings, getting paycheques from a jewellery shop in Leicester! entering home with random drunk guys at midnight
Whackaoo moment:
Finally having a girl stay overnight with him-in his room (or else i had become sure he was gay)

Name: Kristina*
Nationality: British
Peculiar characteristic: Hippy Scot with an immigrant Chinese boyfriend, fetish for baking cakes for the Man or world peace; has her home behind the Scottish RoseLine church featured in the Da Vinci Code book
Activities: Protesting for fair trade and ethics; Capoeira; trying unsuccessfully to make us pay the house bills on time
Whackaoo moment:
Moving out of the house and Into with boyfriend in a new shared house after graduation with her dad driving more than 200 miles just to help her shift the luggage!

Name: Farhad*
Nationality: Malaysian
Peculiar characteristic:
Not noted as creature seen only once in 4 months
Activties: Ordering home delivery from kebab shop and not realising the arrival of frustrated shopman ringing the doorbell for hours together in the English rain!
Whackaoo moment: finally disappearing from the house For EVER without paying any of the bills!

oh.. and finally me

Name: eSeS*
Nationality: Indian
Peculiar Characteristics:
A college bag full of different varieties of foods, daily seen leaving the house towards the internet lab
Activities: being bored, often found cooking spicy chicken curry in the groundfloor kitchen causing snotty mayhem to the European dags
Whackaoo moment:
leaving UK with a degree in International Criminology - WHAT? isn't that why i went there in the first Place!

More scoop on them in coming times ;)

*(names changed for privacy reasons)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

10 Random things

10 random things about me (sequence=not-in-order)

  • i failed in maths in class 2
  • i won the best scholar award by the birla group after my class 10 boards
  • i find criminals intellectually stimulating
  • i cant sing/dance
  • I'm a 2nd generation Amway kid - and proud of it!
  • i have used almost all modes of transport - cycle, bus, train, bikes, bajaj scooters, ships, cruises, boat, naval warship, Boeing, microlite aircraft, London tube, ferry, MMTS !
  • my favourite tv channel is disney
  • i have around 10 email ids
  • i love ice-creammmms
  • i hate men who wear skinny jeans and those who have hair longer than mine and those who wear low jeans with their underwear sticking out ! ( ugghh )

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What's with the name ...

It is only obvious I should let you know why I have named by blog this silly name. Have you had a camel ride before? Ok. I will tell you.

It was my parents' 25th wedding anniversary a fortnight ago that we went to this traditional Rajasthani hang out. Me, my 8 yr old cousin sis and my own 18yr old sis, the wacko kids we were, ran away from the whole group to explore the place on our own. and Aha we saw The Ship Of The Desert there!

We went and demanded the camel man that we wanted a ride on it. But he made us wait for about half hour as 'His majesty' was 'resting'. Finally the moment arrived and we 3 hopped on to His back, an effort made no easy with my stilettos. And THE RIDE -

Up and Down and Uuppp and Doowwwwn and side and side and up and down, my pelvic on one plane and the girdle on another (eeks!).. we were laughing, and shouting out of fear ; it felt any moment we would be down on the ground and suddenly raised so high, it was scary but it was ticklish. It was an Adventure ! In the end, it was worth it all.

Isn't that exactly how 'LIFE' is ?? Up and down and round and round, screams of despair, joy of fresh air, the fear of falling, the High of raise, tickles and laughter All the way :)

Camel ride for me is the simplest definition of 'Life'. This blog is about my world - little snippets of my life - and that is why the 'Camel Ride'.